About the Production Worker Job

The main responsibility of our employee is to be efficient and very careful in support of the functions involved in the manufacture of wood stair handrails in the Department of rail manufacture.

Our recruited employee must be self motivated and should expect random check up from supervisors and machine operators.

There’s a rotation of shift which is weekly and it’s 5 days of work and 5 days off work, then 2 days of work and 2 days off.

These shifts are for 12hours each workday. These rotation will as well be between 2 teams.

The Payroll is biweekly and our employees will be scheduled to work for 36hours for one week and 48hours the following week, this will result in 84hours of work total in a two week pay period.

The Responsibilities of our employee will vary and require swiftness that aids the manufacturing activities of the Department Quick Knowledge about duties and responsibilities of the position as well as punctuality, good working relationship that will serve as a stepping stone to other positions.

Responsibilities Include:

Shrink Wrapping Equipment Operation, Packaging and Labeling Work in Process and Finished Products.

Go through and Understand Work Orders, also check product specs to help machine operators. Be able to predict next steps and always be ready to support machine operators.

Proper Handling of Materials to aid the needs of manufacturing process, making good use of forklifts , pallet jacks etc.

Precisely report manufacturing activities through the use of computer transactions and hand written documents.

Be available as backup on each equipment and as a backup for every process in your department.

Ensuring Safety, cleanliness and Organization in work areas

There might be additional tasks according to current work load and requests of customers as well as needs of the company


The skills needed to efficiently execute the tasks and duties above are:

High School Diploma or an Equivalent

Past experience in a similar setting, machine operation exposure is an added advantage.

Computer literacy.

Adequate Oral and Written Communication Skills

Basic Arithmetic skills

Daily work ability

Labor activities such as lifting is required.

Bending, Standing and consistent carrying and lifting 20-60 pounds.

We Look forward to receiving your application!



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